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My name is Alison Tilley and I am the founder of Tropical Living, an unusual tropical travel, homeware and lifestyle company that advocates slowing down, reconnecting and enjoying more "Leisure in Luxury." As an island, spa and tropical lifestyle expert, I have traveled the world ten times over. searching for the most beautiful islands and spas on earth. I found many an oasis and created this site 'Tropical Living — An Oasis Online' to share them with you.
Tropical Living sells and rents entire islands; we also rent luxury tropical spas and private villas on some of the most extraordinary islands in the world. From the South Pacific to Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean to The Caribbean and beyond.
I was inspired to create Tropical Living because I am genuinely concerned about the speed of life, the lack of leisure time and its effect on people. Leisure time has become endangered by the global epidemic of busyness. Tired, overworked and starved for quality time off, our hectic lifestyles places enormous strains on togetherness. Relationships are suffering as people lose touch with what really matters in life, our connection with ourselves and those we love. It takes TIME to stay connected. Tropical Living Renewal Vacations can help you escape, slow down and transform your life.

A taste of Paradise.

Rent an entire island, tropical spa resort or individual luxury villa and enjoy the ultimate in privacy for romantic getaways, relaxed tropical weddings, honeymoons, or unforgettable family gatherings. Host your friends and loved ones to an extravagant retirement party on a private island or luxury spa. Celebrate your honeymoon or rekindle romance. Reconnect with your family on a spectacular vacation. Thank your parents for all they have done for you by joining them on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Feeling drained, bloated and unhappy?

Rejuvenate, refresh and recharge your life. If you are feeling drained, bloated and unhappy, we can suggest exceptional properties with customized programs to help you regain your footing and invite more joy and health into your life. Slim, tone and stretch in the seclusion of breathtaking tropical surroundings. Surrender to nurturing three-hour massages, renewing facials, exotic body scrubs and floral baths. Shed old habits, gently detoxify your system and rediscover the forgotten rhythms of balance. Experience the joy of clean spa cuisine with delicious and nutritious energizing foods and fresh juices and return renewed, slim and relaxed.

The exhaustion of letting go

If you are going through a brutal divorce or separation, recuperate from the exhaustion of letting go on your own private tropical island or luxury tropical spa. Reflect on your life, make lists of what you like and want in life and discover what you are truly passionate about. Make mid-course corrections in a relaxed tropical atmosphere and redesign your life in a beautiful, nurturing tropical setting.

Life is about adventure

Yearning for more fun and adventure? Learn how to scuba dive in the Maldives. Study turtles in the Seychelles. Ride barefoot on the back of an elephant in Bali, return to your spa villa and indulge in a luxurious three-hour Mandi Lulur massage treatment and lounge by your private pool. Kick-start a happier, healthier, more balanced life with a Tropical Living Renewal Vacation.

What makes Tropical Living so remarkable?

What makes Tropical Living so remarkable is not just the properties that I have selected, but the recognition that throughout life we need different kinds of vacations depending upon the milestones, celebrations or passages we are experiencing. Our inquiry form is unusually personal and is designed to help us help you.
In my opinion, most travel websites don't provide nearly enough photographs, detailed information or one-on-one service, so I decided to create a different type of travel website to make it easier for you to decide where to go.
I have highlighted the beauty of each property with extensive photo galleries of each location. Take your time to leisurely read the details about each island, tropical spa or luxury villa and decide which property is right for you.
When you email or call us, you will discover a well-traveled team of"Leisure in Luxury" specialists ready to assist you. Simply fill out our inquiry form and let us know what you want most out of your tropical experience.

Quack, moo, baa

At Tropical Living, we have our own way of saying "thankyou." Whenever you buy an island, rent one of our properties for a week orlonger, or buy one of our homeware collections, Tropical Living will purchase a livestock animal from Heifer International on your behalf for a family in need. It could be a cow, a goat, a llama or a flock of geese, chickens or ducks. Heifer International's goal is to help end world hunger and poverty through the gift of livestock and training.
Please join me in spreading the word about Tropical Living. Tell your friends and family and sign up for our Island Tribe online newsletter.
The time to breathe more deeply into life has arrived. A global movement for a happier, healthier, more balanced life with more "Leisure in Luxury" has begun.
Tropical Living--- It's Upscale, that's Uplifting.

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