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Alison’s Philosophy — My Inspiration


  • The Birth of Tropical Living
  • The Speed of Life
  • Leisure Time Has Become Endangered
  • Relationships are Suffering
  • How Many Days Do You Have Left?
  • Starting Statistics on Time
  • Couples Spend 12 Minutes a Day Talking
  • Our Rolodex of Hard-to-Find Havens

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The Birth of Tropical Living

[time to listen—0:54 minutes]

Two weeks after my 35th birthday, I awoke at 2:37 a.m. I stared at the clock and knew in that moment that my life had changed forever - I could feel it in my bones. A flicker had sparked my passion and I had given birth to the concept of Tropical Living. With all of the islands, homes, spa villas and tropical home ware I had and enjoyed in my life, Tropical Living was the obvious solution. Having been around the world ten times, I now share my wealth of travel experience and contacts with people. The time to help people live the tropical life has arrived. Tropical Living is a unique tropical travel, homeware and lifestyle company for people who love tropical islands and spas and appreciate Leisure in Luxury.


The Speed of Life

[time to listen—0:58 minutes]

I was genuinely concerned about the speed of life, the lack of leisure time and its effects on people. I knew that millions of people worldwide were stressed out and needing to escape. I knew that there was a way of living a more peaceful, healthier, balanced life - a tropical life. I knew the society we live in places enormous strain on togetherness and that people need more time to reconnect with themselves and each other. I had experienced first hand and with others how 10 to 14 days on certain tropical properties could actually transform and rebalance lives in the most wonderful of ways. These Renewal Vacations could rejuvenate, refresh and recharge one’s spirit. Life could actually be exciting and adventurous again. With my experience, I realized how I could inspire people to slow down, enjoy and see life through new eyes.


Leisure Time Has Become Endangered

[time to listen—1:18 minutes]

En route from island to island, I would find myself spending a few days in the big cities - London, Athens, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Bangkok, Toronto, Sydney, Hong Kong. Cities have their charm and purpose, but the over-stimulation can be stressful, to say the least. Alarmingly, I kept seeing first-hand what the speed of life and the lack of time off was doing to people. On the ocean of life, I realized why so many of us are drowning. Our work-centered culture has caused many of us to lose touch with our true selves and what really matters in life: our connection to ourselves and those we love. We live in a frantic, rushed and busy world. The pace of life for millions of people is spinning way too fast and out of control. There is this unspoken, unsettling sense of urgency propelling people forward and deeper into their busier lives. People need to give themselves the permission to stop or at least slow down the pace. They need time to reflect and understand what is important: close, intimate relationships with the people that matter the most in our lives.


Relationships are Suffering

[time to listen—1:08 minutes]

As people get busier, they neglect some of the most important aspects of being alive. Marriages and relationships suffer because couples do not invest the time necessary to nurture each other and stay connected. It takes time to stay connected. Overscheduled, even children are too busy nowadays. They are shown that there is no time to rest, relax, and enjoy life. No time for walks in nature. No time to think about where we want our lives to go. No time for casual conversations. No time to remove the clutter in our homes and our lives. No time to figure out what is draining us. No time for self-reflection, personal development and spiritual growth. People really need to escape, unwind and reconnect. What better place to do that than on a beautiful tropical island? I created Tropical Living because of the global need for people to spend more quality time together


How Many Days Do You Have Left?

[time to listen—1:11 minutes]

During my travels in the Kingdom of Nepal, I met a wise old man whom I will never forget. He looked straight into my eyes and said with a soft twinkle, “Life is just time passing. We must enjoy the time as it passes.” It was an exchange I’ll always remember. This is when I looked at time - for the first time.
There are about 720 hours in a month and 8,640 hours in one year.
I am currently 38, which means, based on the average life expectancy in the United States, which is 76, I have approx. 14,000 days left of life.
The AVERAGE American lives to be = 77.6 years or 28,324 days
If you are 30 reading this, you could have 47.6 years, or 17,374 days left to live
If you are 35 reading this, you could have 42.6 years, or 15,549 days left to live.
If you are 40 reading this, you could have 37.6 years, or 13,724 days left to live.
If you are 45 reading this, you could have 32.6 years, or 11,899 days left to live.
If you are 50 reading this, you could have 27.6 years, or 10,074 days left to live.
If you are 55 reading this, you could have 22.6 years, or 8,249 days left to live.
If you are 60 reading this, you could have 17.6 years, or 6,424 days left to live.
If you are 65 reading this, you could have 12.6 years, or 4,599 days left to live.
If you are 70 reading this, you could have 7.6 years, or 2,774 days left to live.
If you are 75 reading this, you could have 2.6 years, or 949 days left to live.
If you are 80 – well done!
The real question is: what on earth are you waiting for?
It’s time for more Leisure in Luxury. Remember, “Life is just time passing. We must enjoy the time as it passes.”


Starting Statistics on Time

[time to listen—0:40 minutes]

Here are some startling facts from, a nationwide initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and our communities.
• On average, Americans work 350 hours a year longer (nearly 9 full weeks LONGER) than our peers in Western Europe do. (Multiply 9 weeks by 6 years and we are working one FULL year longer every 6 years.)
• Working Americans average a little over two weeks of vacation a year, while Europeans average five to six weeks.


Couples Spend 12 Minutes a Day Talking

[time to listen—1:20 minutes]

Here is an eye opener about TIME and how little we devote to the relationships that matter the most. In her book ‘The Circle of Simplicity,’ Cecile Andrews wrote, “couples spend an average of 12 minutes a day talking to each other.” 12 minutes a DAY. If this is true, and I suspect it is, it means that couples spend approximately 6 hours a MONTH or 3 days a YEAR talking and connecting with each other. Our precious relationships with children are also at risk at being starved for time and attention. Cecile Andrews continues by noting that couples spend “40 minutes per week playing with their children.” 40 minutes a WEEK. If this is true, and I suspect it is, it means that parents spend approximately 2 hours a MONTH or 32 hours a YEAR playing with their children. Think about it: this is less than two days a year. At that rate, if your children live at home until they are 18, you will have spent only 24 days playing with them. Tropical Living provides beautiful, remote getaways where relationships can connect or re-connect.


Our Rolodex of Hard-to-Find Havens

[time to listen—0:58 minutes]

I traveled and island hopped all over the world for several years - sailing, scuba diving, beachcombing, researching and writing. Along the way, I met many unique individuals who designed and built their own luxurious dream retreats on beautiful tropical islands. Some were private homes, while others were spa villas or island hideaways. The beauty of homes and the island locations would lure me to extend my stay for months on end. I would often rent these outstanding properties from the visionaries who created them. Through the years, I developed an extensive rolodex of these beautiful havens, and share them with you through Tropical Living, Inc. Travel to exotic tropical islands to unwind, regain balance and celebrate life. Retreat and reconnect with yourself, family and friends. Tropical Living has the treasure map to exclusive tropical hideaways around the world.