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Two weeks after my 35th birthday, I awoke at 2:37 a.m. I stared at the clock and knew in that moment, my life had changed forever. A flicker had sparked my passion and I had given birth to the concept of Tropical Living. With all of the islands, spa villas and tropical homeware I had enjoyed, the time to help others live the tropical lifestyle had arrived.

I spent the next 4 years creating an unusual tropical travel, homeware and lifestyle company that advocates slowing down, reconnecting and enjoying more “Leisure in Luxury.” I wanted to provide solutions so people could live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.

I designed the Tropical Living website to be beautiful, informative and inspiring. I’ve highlighted the breathtaking beauty of each property by including thousands of stunning photographs. Video clips, water color maps, our unusually personal inquiry form and our well-traveled team of “Leisure in Luxury” specialists help make your decisions



easier. You’ll find more pertinent information on each property, than on most websites, so you can leisurely decide which “Tropical Living Renewal Vacation” or Tropical Living Homeware collection is right for you.

I wrote and recorded over 100 audio clips that can be found (along with accompanying text) in the ‘Alison’s Philosophy’ section and throughout the website. I hope these clips will not only allow people to get to know me better, but, might also, inspire them to slow down, reconnect and celebrate more at home and abroad. Topics include ‘How Leisure Time has Become Endangered’, ‘The Importance of Writing Lists and Designing Your Life’, “The Five Factors to Happy People”, “Honoring the Passage of Divorce”, “The 1970’s, Fondue Parties and Brave Artists” and many more.

As Tropical Living’s way of saying “thank you,” whenever you buy an island, rent one of our properties for a week or longer, or buy one of our homeware collections, Tropical Living will purchase a livestock animal from Heifer International, on your behalf, for a family in need. It could be a cow, a goat, a llama or a flock of Geese.

Combining luxury tropical travel, homeware, philosophy and philanthropy has never been done like this before.

Tropical Living- It’s Upscale, that’s Uplifting.