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As an island, spa and tropical lifestyle expert, I traveled the world ten times over – searching for the most beautiful islands, tropical spas and private villas on earth. I developed an extensive rolodex of extraordinary hideaways. Tropical Living sells and rents entire islands; and also rents luxury tropical spas and private villas worldwide. From the South Pacific to Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean and beyond, we offer breathtaking properties where you can slow down, reconnect and celebrate life.

I was inspired to create Tropical Living because I am genuinely concerned about the speed of life, the lack of leisure time and its effect on people.

Rent an entire island, tropical spa resort or individual luxury villa and enjoy the ultimate in privacy for romantic getaways, a relaxed tropical wedding or an unforgettable honeymoon. Host your friends and loved ones to an extravagant retirement party. Thank your parents for all they have done for you by joining them on a trip of a lifetime.



Transform your life at some of the most breathtaking tropical spas in the world. Shed habits, gently detoxify your system and rediscover the forgotten rhythm of balance. Reflect on your life. Discover your passions. Make “mid-course corrections” in a relaxed tropical atmosphere. Indulge in a luxurious three-hour massage treatment and lounge by a private pool. Learn how to scuba dive in the Maldives or Fiji. Observe turtles in the Seychelles or Tonga or ride barefoot on the back of an elephant in Bali or Thailand.

Most travel websites don’t provide nearly enough photographs or detailed information. With my expertise, I created Tropical Living; an unusual, tropical travel, homeware and lifestyle company. I highlighted the beauty of each property with extensive photo galleries and provide well-traveled “Leisure in Luxury” specialists to assist you.

As Tropical Living’s way of saying “thank you”, whenever you buy an island or rent one of our properties for a week or longer, Tropical Living will purchase a livestock animal from Heifer International, on your behalf, for a family in need.

Tropical Living- It’s Upscale that’s Uplifting