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As an island, spa and tropical lifestyle expert, I traveled the world 10 times over searching for the most breathtaking islands and luxurious tropical spas on earth. From Bora Bora to Bali, Thailand to Tonga, I experienced how the pleasure of being in a tropical oasis can heighten the senses and encourage a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

Inspired by the lush, exotic beauty of some of the finest tropical spa villas on earth, I created Tropical Living homeware to inspire you to create your own personal oasis. The intention is to encourage a tranquil atmosphere to slow down and relax, enjoy yourself and feel the serene contentment in your home.

Tropical Living Homeware is an international collection of my favorite naturally modern furniture, accents and lifestyle products selected from around the world – beautiful, often handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that can help you recreate the luxurious feeling of being on a restful Tropical Living Renewal Vacation, wherever you may live.



Tropical Living offers extraordinary indoor and outdoor furniture collections made from abaca, vine, coconut and renewable hardwoods. We offer stone tables, colorful vases made from resin, clay and wood, spectacular onyx lamps, and Asian-inspired garden accents. For your spa bath, we offer luxurious bathrobes and breathtaking bathtubs and sinks, that remind me of the boulder I soaked in at the Begawan Giri in Bali after a 3 hour long massage. Tropical Living also has sleek, comfortable and refined furniture groupings that remind me of the peaceful ambience of the Aman Resorts.

Our exquisite collections are grouped together for your convenience so you can “Live on Vacation”.

There are over 100 audio clips, in the Alison’s Philosophy section, describing the Tropical Living properties, homeware, and philosophy along with some of my personal stories. I hope they will inspire you to experience more “Leisure in Luxury” at home and abroad.

As Tropical Living's way of saying “thank you,” whenever you buy one of our homeware collections, Tropical Living will purchase a livestock animal from Heifer International on your behalf for a family in need.

The time has come for more life, love, light, laughter, liberation, luxury and definitely…more leisure.