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Introducing Gayle Newhouse

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Gayle Newhouse is a world-renowned spiritual and compassionate visionary. Her life-long path promotes peace and transforming lives. She offers insightful sessions and can do so by phone. Each hour is $150.00.

Group counseling may be achieved through speaker phone. Availability is Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time, 5pm-8pm or Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-6pm.

As her way of saying "thank you," whenever you book an hour of Gayle's time, she will purchase a flock of geese on your behalf from Heifer International for a family in need.

A beloved teacher and navigator of the Light, she helps guide your mind, body and spirit into peace and clarity. Her accredited expertise and abilities aid you through business, home, family and spiritual growth. Gayle can balance your energy field, providing less stress and more energy. You will find peaceful solutions, personal techniques and a comprehensive understanding that empowers and improves your quality of life.

Gayle is Board of Trustees to the Club of Budapest International. Her travels bring global awareness to thousands through workshops, conferences, television and public appearances. Her clientele includes Nobel Peace Prize nominees, filmmakers, scientists and doctors. She has counseled spiritual and world leaders. Her guidance has influenced books, songs and films. Gayle is an accomplished remote viewer, credentialed electromagnetic field balancer and continues to help people in Europe, The United States, India, Thailand, Japan, China and beyond.


“Gayle Newhouse is one of the most important people in my life. I knew from my first hour with her that she would change my life for the better. Her counsel has been enormously helpful and I wanted to share the benefit of these sessions with you. In gratitude and recognition of her gentle guidance, I share this experience with you.”
-Alison Tilley, Founder and CEO of Tropical Living, Inc.

“Gayle Newhouse is a remarkable healer and mover of energy. She is skilled with both individual and group energy work. She has addressed groups as large as 15,000. Gayle is a gifted sensitive intuit who can assist you in achieving amazing results from just a few or even a single session. She respects and keeps all matters confidential. Gayle brings unconditional love to all with whom she works and all who work with her benefit.”
-Bill Gladstone, President of Waterside Productions, Inc.

“I appreciate Gayle’s input more than I can say. She is a wonderful friend—the best.”
-Professor Dr. Ervin Laszlo President and Founder of the Club of Budapest

To contact Gayle please email: Gayle@GayleNewhouse.com