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Appreciation & Acknowledgements

I have been working on this website for four years and there are many important people I wish to thank. From my husband, to the website team, to my family, friends and others. Each of you are important to me and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.

The Love of My Life

To Leonard Adrian Lyons, my husband, my knight, my best friend and business partner. You love me more than I ever knew possible. Thank you for your unwavering support, belief in me and in our company, Tropical Living. Thank you for never once questioning any decision I’ve ever made regarding the website and for stepping out of the way so I could design it exactly the way I envisioned it. What a beautiful gift to have had four years to focus on my passion and my vision. I would not have been able to do this if it were not for you.

The Tropical Living website team, Blue Horizon Design

To Susan Hoerner, Founder and CEO of BlueHorizonDesign.com, I thank you for believing in me and in Tropical Living. Thank you for working so hard these many months and for making each page look even more beautiful than I imagined. You are without a doubt, the easiest person I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I love you. You were the only website company I spoke with who never once tried to change how I wanted it to look or feel. From the sounds of cows mooing and ducks quacking, to over 100 audio clips; you were never phased or overwhelmed by the scope of the project. We carried on month after month, page after page, never once disagreeing, and together we have designed a site like no other. You championed the project, brought an outstanding team of talented individuals together and have worked harder than anyone (other than me) to make the site, not only beautiful, but functional and uplifting. Words could never do justice on how highly I recommend your company and how your dedication has propelled this project forward.

The design and development of a website of this size and complexity requires the dedication of well-trained and organized people. It was necessary to lay a well-considered foundation on which to base many hundreds of undefined pages. The Blue Horizon team brought their expertise into three essential areas: Graphic Design, Technical Skills and Production.

The Graphic Design skills stretched from refining the Tropical Living logo to designing webpages with the continuity and flexibility to build the entire site into a comprehensive whole. Strong branding of me, and my company Tropical Living was established right from the beginning and carried through to all printed materials and collateral. Simple sophistication was paramount to making it all work; color treatment was defined to reflect the ‘Leisure in Luxury’ of the Tropical Living website and brand and make it come alive.

To Sam Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Blue Horizon Design. Thank you.
You are a true genius, a technical wizard and a real pleasure to work with. You continue to amaze me. To insure that the website would extend well into the future, the most up-to-date CSS methods of production were employed which also allow flexibility and easy, universal updating. Complex, sophisticated techniques were used to enhance the functionality of the site and lend beauty and inspiration to the pages.

Sam created a proprietary content management system (CMS) because none of the off-the-shelf content management systems out there were created with a site like tropicalliving.com in mind.

When I asked Sam to explain in more detail how he contributed, he replied by writing…
“I created the CMS with PHP, a server side programming language (that means the code is executed on the web server) and JavaScript, a client side programming language (that means your web browser like Internet Explorer executes the code), XHTML and CSS. There's the content layer, presentation layer and the application layer. CSS was used so the presentation layer of the site could be styled.” Whew!

For a project of this size, data backup and website hosting issues are extremely important and Sam’s knowledge and experience were invaluable.

All I know is that we could not have done this without you Sam.

There are close to 1,000 pages on the Tropical Living website and thousands and thousands of photographs. Essential organization and production skills brought this project together. Without a thorough understanding of naming conventions, batch processing and correct cataloging, a project of this size would not succeed on time or on budget. I sincerely thank Sabine D’Amario for the diligent work of sizing, labeling and cataloging the photography and producing dozens of pages. Sabine, you are irreplaceable in your ability to focus and I so appreciate your outstanding production skills.

If you are looking for an extraordinary website company, I would highly recommend Blue Horizon Design. Contact Susan Hoerner through their website http://www.bluehorizondesign.com or call their toll-free number 877.915.1015.

My Family

To my extraordinary parents, Alex and Diane Tilley, thank you for passing on your entrepreneurial spirits, great teeth and for always letting me know how proud you are of me. Some of my fondest memories of growing up are of the family vacations you took us on as children to remote tropical islands. Thank you for allowing me to be shipwrecked on an island in the Bahamas at age 14, for sending me off to explore Europe by myself at 16 and for encouraging me to circumnavigate the world alone at 18.

To my dear, sweet sister, Karen Tilley, one of the kindest angels on earth. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for bringing Elia into this world, for teaching him to be gentle on the earth and for always being your authentic self.

To my exceptional nephew, Elia Tilley-Pahad. You are a remarkable young man and I love you. Thank you for following in my footsteps and bravely traveling around the world alone at age 19. I knew it would change your life for the better and it has. You are wise beyond your years, inspiring to be around and one of the kindest young men I have ever met.

To my friend and rock-steady brother-in-law Jay Dorrance. You've always been there for me and Lenny, you are a terrific husband to Karen and great role model and step-father to Elia. You have designed a beautiful life, with a lovely home, fruit trees and animals that adore you. I admire how you and my sister spend time together going on adventures and hikes in nature.

To Ahmed Pahad: thank you for being such a wonderful father to Elia. You have done an outstanding job at helping to raise an intelligent, funny, beautiful, caring young man.

To my stepson Jamin Lyons. Thank you for listening to us more times than not, for honoring your dad and for reading every Seth Godin marketing/business book I have sent your way. I so enjoy teaching what I know and I am delighted that you are an inspiring entrepreneur.

To my Dad’s wife, Hilary Clark Cole, thank you for taking such great care of my father and for loving him the way you do. You are an incredible artist, a wonderful woman and I am very happy you are part of our family.

To my grandmothers Audrey Smith and Alma Rettie and my grandfathers Joseph Tilley and Joseph Hailey for your stories, words of wisdom and leadership. I see you in my dreams.

To my mother-in-law, Linda, and her husband, Carl Wisener, thank you for having Lenny, welcoming me so warmly into your lives and raising such a fine, caring man.

To my father-in-law, Larry Lyons, thank you for being the kind and gentle man that you are. Thank you for sending Lenny to EST at the young age of 13. It had a profound and positive effect on his life.

My sisters-in-law, Lucy Lyons and Lisa Kelly. Thank you for being such outstanding women, great sisters and loving your brother, Lenny, the way you do. We both really appreciate your enthusiasm. Your emails and your visits always bring joy to our lives.

To my nieces and nephews, Alicia, Andrea, Josh and Jared: we are so glad you are in our lives. You are each very special in your own way.

To Art Johnson for being a great uncle to Jamin, a close friend to us in every way and for encouraging Lenny to move to back to the tropics.

Other Contributors
To the lovely Gayle Newhouse: after 8 years of friendship and guidance, few have worked harder than you. Thank you for your heartfelt support, your endless hours to meet the deadlines, for assisting with every photo and film session we’ve ever done and for helping me write and edit so much of the copy. You’ve worked 16 to 18 hour days assisting me with the art direction, styling and arranging for the homeware galleries, you’ve contributed to the refinement of the website and have kept all our energies balanced along the way. Thank you for helping to make the still shots and footage of me and Lenny come to life. Thank for your readings, energy balancing sessions and for all that you do. You are one of the most powerful Light workers I have ever met and I highly recommend you. Please visit the About Alison and Tropical Living section and click on ‘Introducing Gayle Newhouse’ to contact her directly.

To photographer, Mike Coots, for photographing almost all of the Tropical Living homeware (which took weeks) and for taking every shot of me and Lenny that is on the website. Thank you for allowing us to use some of your nature shots, as well. Even though I modeled professionally in my teenage years, I never truly felt comfortable with any of the photographers I worked with. I didn’t realize this until I started working with you a couple of years ago. There is a vulnerability and intimacy that comes from connecting to the photographer and the camera. With you it’s easy to be myself, it’s comfortable and no one takes better shots of me than you. You are a great artist, a beautiful soul and I really appreciate having you in my life. www.MikeCoots.com

To Patrick Horton of Horton Productions. Thank you for recording the audio clips, filming and editing the Tropical Living videos for the site, and for allowing us to use some of your breathtaking footage of Bora Bora. You have become a friend after all of these years and Lenny and I so appreciate you flying to the island to look after our animals when we travel. You've been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend you to anyone. www.EarthlyEdens.com

To Kim Rogers Stutterman, thank you so much for helping to write the Press Releases about Tropical Living and also for reviewing and editing all the homeware copy. It is always a pleasure working with you; I appreciate your optimism, professionalism and the fact that you're one heck of a great writer. I couldn't recommend you enough.

To Kathryn (The Great) Nimetz, for helping me organize and input a lot of the text and rates and for staying optimistic even when there were months of tedious, monotonous (but important) work. Thank you for your help in writing some of the text, for editing and for being a great friend and supportive fan.

To Steve Stankiewicz, from the little island of Manhattan in the state of New York. Thank you for your beautiful water color maps. The first time I saw your work, while flipping through a magazine, I was captivated by the beauty of your maps. I really appreciate all of your hard work. I know it was not an easy task to find some of the most beautiful, isolated islands in the world, but you did, and I thank you. www.SteveStankiewicz.com

To Ania Borysiewicz creative director and founder of Ladder Design. Thank you for your assistance in the design of The Tropical Living logo. Your personal attention to detail, your hours of research and your passionate nature was inspiring to work with. I would recommend you to others who are looking for assistance in designing a logo. www.LadderDesign.com

To Charlie Hoerner for assisting me with the phone numbers. Everyone knows that without phones there is no business. When your wife, Susan, took on this project, neither of us knew how long it would take to complete. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely and talented wife with me for all these many months.

To Seth Godin for writing ‘The Purple Cow,’ ‘Permission Marketing’ and ‘Unleashing the Idea Virus.’ Thank you for being so remarkably brilliant. I have purchased and gifted over 30 copies of your book “Unleashing the Idea Virus” and almost everyone who has been involved in this website now has a copy. My personal edition is underlined, highlighted, dog-eared and carefully hidden so it remains in my possession; it never leaves my home. Thank you for writing one of the most important books on marketing and business that I have ever read. www.SethGodin.com

Special thanks to Lia Ishkhanian, one of my favorite wardbrobe consultants the world over. I walked into the Escada boutique in Beverly Hills and was captivated by your assistance, your warmth and attention to detail. I was on the lookout for bright beautiful exotic tropical colors and I want to thank you again for helping me over that delightful afternoon. It’s always such a pleasure shopping with you. For an appointment with Lia she can be reached on her cell at (310)200-7495. Please tell her that Alison sent you.

To Todd & Marnie Crawford, the owners of the Shell Factory and Carolyn for lending me so many of the gorgeous, exquisite shells that we used during the photo shoots. You are definitely one of the finest shell shops in all of the Pacific.

My friends:
To our friends Keely, Pierce, Dylan and Paris. Thank you for your love, friendship, and inspiration. You represent the very essence of tropical living; the love, the light, the laughter, the leisure and luxury and we really enjoy being part of your lives

To my friend and vet, Dr. Renaella Steinberg, who looks after our tribe of cats. Thank you for always being such a loving supportive friend and confidante. You are such a beautiful soul.

To Susan Irie; one of the brightest women I have ever met. You light up my world in more ways than you know. How great it is to have you in my life.

To Rex Holt our dear friend and rolfer. Thank you for the laughter, your enthusiasm and for taking such good care of our bodies. You are an incredible artist, a wonderful friend and we wish you would come back to our island. We miss you.

To my girlfriend, Renee MacCarthy: we met at summer camp at age 12 and have been close friends ever since. Through all my travels we have always stayed close and connected. It’s been really wonderful being in your life over all these years.

A special thanks to: Valerie Moysey, Miriam Clarke, Michelle Harrington, Majik, Gerry Johnson, Jamie Jackson, Bill W., Claudia and Jon Gray, Michele and Todd Rundgren, Dan Shook, Michael Ancharski ND, David Rapaport, Phd., and Andrea Chase, Jeff Diamond and Carol Huntington and our trademark attorney, Jim Shlesinger.

Last, but certainly not least, to our wonderful assortment of cats. You each bring tremendous happiness and remind us to slow down, reconnect and enjoy life.